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Mentalcoaching Mentaltraining Sportmentaltraining Tirol - Mental Austria - Akad. Mentalcoach Mentaltrainer Sportmentaltrainer Dipl. Lebens- und Sozialberater Tirol - Michael Deutschmann - get it on google play store android tablet smartphone



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Academic Mental Coach
Hypnosis Trainer
Life and Social Counselor
Sports Mental Coach

Mental Training - Mental Coaching - Sports Mental Training - Hypnosis - Seminars

for Individuals and Teams:

-> Competitive Sport
-> Top Sport
-> Entrepreneurs
-> Executives

Hall of Fame

High Performance Mentaltraining in Sports


  • born on September 7th 1974

  • married to Heike

  • Father of Lisa (1996) and Tobias (1998)


Occupations and training:

  • Academic Mental Coach - University studies - University of Salzburg

  • Diploma Hypnosis Trainer - Hypnosiscenter Linz

  • Sport Hypnosis - Hypnosiscenter Linz

  • Diploma in Life and Social Counseling - Mentalcollege Bregenz

  • Diploma Mental Trainer - Mentalakademie

  • Sports Mental Trainer - Heidelberg Institute

  • Quantum energetics in a systemic context

  • Training for conducting seminars, courses, workshops, large group events, retreats, projects, workshops, consulting of teams, consulting of projects, consultations of organizational units

  • Training to lead a non-directive social dialogue group under institutional conditions

  • Certified Instructor for General Physical Education

  • Army Mountain Guide and Army Air Rescuers



  • Many years of experience in dealing with individuals and groups up to 60 people, even over long periods in difficult situations.

  • Head of a non-directive social dialogue group under institutional conditions.

  • Care of young athletes in the conditional area.



  • Windsurfing

  • Cross-country skiing

  • Skiing

  • Roadcycling

  • XC-Cycling

  • Skimountaineering

  • further education


I look forward to hearing from you and gladly support you on your way!

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Sincerely, yours


Mentalcoaching Sportmentaltraining Tirol - Mental Austria - Akad. Mentalcoach Sportmentaltrainer Dipl. Lebens- und Sozialberater Tirol - Michael Deutschmann

Michael Deutschmann, Akad. Mentalcoach

+43 (0) 699 11750706


A C H T U N G !    K O S T E N L O S E S   E R S T G E S P R Ä C H !


Am Beginn eines Mentaltrainings / Mentalcoachings findet immer ein unverbindliches, kostenloses Erstgespräch in der Dauer von ca. 1 Stunde statt.




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